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Does “Vitamin C&D” cover the daily value for both vitamins?

*FourX Better™ Vitamin C + D covers more than 100% of the nutrition daily value of Vitamin C, D and Zinc. In addition, it includes MCT oil and feel-good adaptogens (ashwagandha and piperine).

How many bites should I take per day?

The Dosage is 1 a day. You can have it at any time of the day. 

What is the advantage of having a Vitamin C&D in a chocolate bite format instead of a gummy or a pill? 

*Vitamin D is Lipo-soluble, it is better absorbed with good fats. FourX Better™ bites provides Vitamin C, D and Zinc plus all the benefits of Real Dark Chocolate, MCT Oil and Feel-Good Adaptogens.

Are there any artificial ingredients in the Vitamin C&D?

No. We do not have artificial sweeteners, colors nor flavors in any FourX Better™ products.

Can I take more of these if I am sick?

As one dosage gives you your full daily amount of Vitamin C&D, it is not recommended that you take more than one a day.

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